ZT-FLASH End of Life

Zoook LED Flash for phones

The ZT-Flash accessory by Zoook takes your selfies to the next level with a soft beam of light controlled by a smart app. The Zoook ZT-FLASH flash helps dramatically improve the quality of your photos and videos you take with your iPhone, iPad, Android or

  • : Constant light mode 
  • : Adjustable brightness 
  • : No red-eye effects 
  • : 5600K light temperature 
  • : 70-degree beam angle 
  • : Up to 3hours of light time 
  • Dimensions: 32mm * 27mm * 9mm (W * L * H) 
  • Weight : 10 grams
  • In-built battery - Has its own battery, so it doesn't drain the power of your smartphone
  • Even better photography - Natural skin tones, Mild shadows, Diffused light, Infinite depth, Full-featured frame covering
  • We know that smartphone users want small, light, yet, functional accessories. That is why we made unbelievably small housing.
  • 4 High-power LEDs and 70 degree optics of our own designÉ Means uncompromised amount of light! Beauty outside, beast inside!
  • 3.5mm audio jack means ZT-FLASH can be used with literally any smartphone and tablet on the market.