ZB-BSWF+ End of Life

Bluetooth Speaker with FM

Music is all about freedom - set it free With the Zoook Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker you will be able to release your music and take it with you anywhere with no worries from water, dust and accident fallings. Surprising powerful Speaker With 3W 80dB speaker output you will be surprised how such a little speaker can produce such a strong and clear sound. We made sure the the best sound tech will be inside of this little speaker.

  • No Specifications
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY - We utilize the power behind rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. So, you can expect charges to be finished within 2-3 hours giving you an amazing charge for more than 5* hours of extended playing time afterwards. That's because we used a new battery with an improved capacity of 400 MAH. Storing more power and more energy than ever.
  • FM RADIO NEW FEATURE!! - ZOOOK is proud to introduce this new model of Bluetooth shower speaker with built in FM Radio. Get this device and listen to your favorite talk shows! Easily switch between stations with the rewind and fast forward buttons.
  • SIMPLY THE BEST OUT THERE - If you are going to the bother of getting a Shower Speaker for yourself or as a special gift for a loved one then do yourself a favor and get one that actually works and lasts. The ZOOOK Bluetooth Shower Speaker does just that. It has all the independent certifications and check out the great reviews below from our clients - they can't believe something this good comes with this price tag. So invest a few bucks extra to have this quality speaker forever and enjoy all the fun without any hassle
  • GREAT SOUND - GREAT DESIGN - The rare 3W speaker delivers crystal clear sound quality and volume which is easily adjusted with convenient volume and call control buttons. The suction cup attaches to glass, ceramic, or any other smooth surface too. Charges with a Micro USB which is included with purchase and also easily found in any home if you lose it. Listen to Music from your music APP such as Pandora, iHeartRadio, iTunes, Music Radio, Spotify, Music & Audio, VeVo, Beats Music, Shazam, Tube Pro, Sound Cloud, and all other audio APPs on your android or iPhone.
  • MULTIPLE USES - Do not be deceived by its small size. This small gadget is a powerhouse of features - use it to play music from your cell phone, listen to any radio station or as a hands-free speakerphone for answering calls (in-built microphone)
  • IPX4 waterproof
  • Bluetooth & Wireless transmission
  • Built-in Microphone
  • FM
  • High quality audio decoding chip
  • Built-in charging Battery