ZB-BR165 End of Life

Bluetooth Audio Adapter

Turn your new and old speakers or headphones into Bluetooth enabled devices! Wirelessly receive music from your A2DP Bluetooth enabledsmartphone, tablet or computer from up to 10 metres away! Utilizes Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP streaming for powerful, enhanc

  • Bluetooth Version 3.0 :
  • Charging voltage: DC 5V 
  • Battery Voltage: DC 3.7V-4.2V 
  • Play music Current:  
  • Receiver distance: ? 10 m without obstacles 
  • Battery capacity: ? 220Ma 
  • Theoretical work time: 600 minutes 
  • Standby Time: About 100 Hours 
  • Works With any Speakers with 3.5mm plug, Car Stereo System, Headphones, Earphones:
  • Connect the Bluetooth receiver with any stereo headset, headphones or speakers with 3.5mm audio port.
  • Pairing : Turn the device ON which takes it to Pairing Mode where-in the red and blue LEDs flash alternatives. The Bluetooth receiver will now be in paring mode. Please place ZB-BR165 within 1 meter range of your Bluetooth device during the pairing process . When the Pairning is successful, the BLUE light flashes slowly.Its time to ZOOOK towards Music!
  • If pairing fails, long press Play or stop button into pairing mode, RED and BLUE Lights flash alternately.