RAPID CHARGE & SYNC CABLE (Lightning / Micro USB / Type C USB)

This premium mobile charge & sync cable is designed to connect specifically to your smart devices and has been certified to meet highest performance standards. Available in Lightning / Micro USB and Type C USB Variants

  • Length : 1.2m
  • Material : Ultra elastic jacket + Aluminium Connectors + Copper Wire
  • Connectivity: Available in Lightning / Micro USB and Type C USB Variants
  • Charging Current : Upto 2.1A
  • Built for Daily Use: This sync and charging cable is of the highest quality and it can backup files or transfer pictures, music and videos all while charging your device.
  • Super strong connector: Sturdy connectors reduces chances of pulling on wire which reduces chances of damaging the cable, perfect for in-car connectivity avoiding bendy cable problem.
  • Good Length: 4Ft/1.2M the standard size For your home/ workplace/ travel or car, The perfect length is Suitable for all places.
  • Ultra-Strong: Metal USB Connectors on both sides featuring an ultra-strong reinforced structure for unparalleled strength and durability
  • Extended Lifespan: Strain relief design at connector joint provides controlled flexibility to absorb 2 x more stress than regular strain relief. Its 10,000+ bend* lifespan makes it 6 x stronger than standard charging cables